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Spring Buyers – Be ready, be early, be educated and be flexible.


Even in a market that is favouring buyers, all the best houses with the best location and price are still selling rather quickly. Be Ready- It pays to Be Ready to move on the home you like when you see it, have  a mortgage pre-approval in hand. Be early- I’ll happily set you up on my automatic email system that will email you listings in real time, often up to 24 hours before you’ll see them on the public website, don’t wait to see the open house, I’ll book a private showing for you immediately. Be Educated- have you seen enough homes to know a good deal when you see it? Are you going to ask for recent comparable sold homes? You should! Be Flexible- Don’t get stuck on small negotiation items, be flexible on closing dates and don’t take it personal… even though it’s a personal purchase, it’s a business decision. Keep a level head.

There are some good buys available right now, I would love to help you find one! You have questions, I have answers. #AskJeffSherwood.

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